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Disaster nuclear power accident story!

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We are doing a topic on disasters in our class and looked at a story in a textbook about a nuclear disaster. It was only a bit from a story so we had the task of finishing it off. The story was about a girl who her whole family died after a nuclear explosion. The girl thinks she is the only person on the whole planet but one day she sees a shadow in the distance. Every day the shadow gets nearer and she becomes excited to meet the shadow but she is quite scared as it could be bad. Here is the rest of what we wrote. . . . .


One day the girl, Jaydean Tribiani, desides she wants to meet this figure and starts to make her way towards it. She walks for 20 minutes and eventually comes to this stranger. The stranger looked like he had some sort of pet. The pet ran towards her and she started to realise it was a dog. She was a little anxious because of this but she started to clap the dog and notices that it is a friendly creature. The man followed the dog and soon he became right next to the dog and Jaydean. Jaydean shyly said hello and he told her his name, Joey Le Blanc. They started to get to know each other and became good friends. They took care of each other struggling with the little food supply they had. They started to have stronger feelings for each other and it soon came to love. They became a couple and started to search for other people with their dog. On the way they found food and drink and coped with that. They came to a beach where they spotted an island. They made a boat out of debri and logs. Then they started their journey to the island.After many hours of travelling they soon came to the island.

     They got off their boat carefully and pulled it to the shore. Then they started to explore the island. It was very quiet and no-one seemed to be around. Just then they heard crying, that sounded like a baby. Jaydean and Joey followed the sound and turned a corner where they found tiny newborn twins lying beside a mother who was dying. The mother said to Jaydean Look after my children then she died. Jaydean picked up one of the babies and Joey picked up the other. It was a boy and a girl which they named Keira and Mackenzie. Then they started sailing back to the land they came from. They got off carefully as they had before and left the boat at the shore where they met their dog again. They started a fire by rubbing sticks together and sat round it. Joey knelt down on one knee and said,"Will you be my lawfull wife?" 

 "Yes,"she replied.

They made rings out of daises in the ground.They slowly fell asleep woth Keira and Mackenzie in their arms.The next day they got up early and walked over to a birds nest where they took 2 eggs and cooked them for their breakfast.They walked from the shore back to Jaydeans house. Then they settled back down in that house where they were going to live. When Jaydean was 21 and Joey was 22 Jaydean started to be sick in the morning quite alot. Then her tummy started to progress and stick out more everyday. It took a month before they realised she must be pregnant.

  Then 7 months later on a warm July morning Jaydean started to have contractions. Then her waters broke and the baby came out. It was a boy named Ross. Then Jaydean got  a shock when she started to have another baby and realised it was twins. This time it was a girl they called Monica. Jaydean sat their looking from Keira to Mackenzie and from Ross to Monica. She thought she had the most beautiful children in the world. The children grew older by the years and so did Joey and Jaydean. Jaydean got cancer and died when she was 50. Joey then suffered from depression and died at the age of 52. They were both dearly missed and everyone said that the world wasn't the same without them. The world grew and grew and eventually was back to the same population.



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