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Locked in the Art Room

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Locked in the art room!


Hi! I am Beki and I am going to tell you a story about how my friends and me got locked in the art room!

Chapter 1


 It started off a normal school day until me and my friend Anna was sent to get newspaper from Mrs Williamson’s art room, as we were painting. We walked there and searched but we couldn’t find it and eventually our friend Darcie was sent, by Miss Law, to check on us. We decided to search one more time and by this time Nina and Maryam had been sent to tell us that Miss law wanted us back to the class. So we walked to the door and it wouldn’t open. We were locked in! “Help!” we all chorused together as we banged our fists against the door. Then we remembered there was an assembly so everyone was in the big hall.


Obviously by this time miss law thought we were having a big carry on so she came herself to get us to the assembly. Miss Law arrived at the art room and tried the door but to her surprise it was locked. She shouted our names and we heard so we walked up to the door and looked through the tiny piece of glass. “We are locked in!” wailed Nina.


"Yes. We are and I am getting worried!” said Darcie.


“I will go and get some help, “ said Miss Law with a worried look on her face.


While we were waiting, we took some pens, pencils etc and started to draw. Nina drew an elephant and a lake in front of an African sunset, Maryam drew the queen eating chocolate biscuits, Anna drew Johnny depp, as Jack sparrow, in Disney World with a big smiley-faced balloon, Darcie drew Zac Efron at a photo shoot and I drew the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. stars in New York with 3 big pepperoni pizzas and a vanilla ice cream cone each. Once we had finished our pictures we stapled them together and admired them. Suddenly there was a booming and a whizzing sound that went along with the sparks that started filling the air. We slowly started to move more and more toward our pictures until our faces were touching them. Then in one big sudden movement we all got transported into to the pictures! We didn’t leave each other though we all stayed together while we visited each picture. The first one we visited was Nina’s. We all landed with a thump on the sandy ground surrounding the elephant. I was the first to get up and when I did the elephant filled its trunk up with water, from the lake, and spurted it out all over my face. At that Maryam burst out in to laughter rolling about the place. Once she had got rid of the giggles and everyone was up we all walked cautiously towards the elephant. Nina gingerly put out her hand and stroked the elephant’s wrinkly skin followed by Anna and me but Darcie and Maryam backed away. The sunset was getting darker and we were all roasting hot but we didn’t know how to move on to the next picture.


“I know!” said Darcie, “ We all hold hands and run as far as we can and maybe it will take us to the next picture


“Its worth a try,” Anna replied. So we all held hands and ran as fast as we could towards the far side. We began to feel the heat of the sun ease off and we ended up with Zac Efron at a photo shoot.

Chapter 2


“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Darcie and Anna screamed in unison, “ Its Zac Efron!"


Now it was my turn to roll with laughter at the sight of Zac’s shocked face.


“Hhhhi,” Nina struggled to say as she walked towards Zac.


“Hi!” he replied, “ Who are all you and what are you doing here?”


Maryam explained what happened while Darcie and Anna started to ease off the fact that they were standing in a room with the boy of their dreams. We talked with Zac for a little while longer but then he said that he had to leave as he had a premiere to go to so we decided to leave too. “Ready? After 3,” I said, “ 1,2,3!” and we all started running until we arrived in Disney world .


“Wow!” said Nina looking wide eyed, “Look at this place and all the people here".


“I know,” said Maryam in amazement,” I’ve never seen so many!”


Anna pointed to Johnny depp and whispered to Me “Hottie!” I just laughed until I noticed who was standing next to him. “Its Rhiann guys look!” I exclaimed. "So it is!” replied Darcie walking over to her.


"Hey stranger!” Nina said to Rhiann.


“What?” Rhiann said shocked, “What on Earth are you doing here?"


"Well I was going to ask you the same question but we can explain first.” said Anna and so Anna told Rhiann the whole story. Rhiann then began what she was doing in the middle of the Magic Kingdom at Disney World, "Well someone came into the assembly at school and they had a gun! So everyone was scared and we all ran in different directions. Then whatever we were thinking about thats where we ended up


"Wow!" said Maryam shocked, "Do you know where some people ended up?"


"Well," Rhiann started, "I think Miss Law ended up ice skating and Mrs Vass ended up in PC World!"


I laughed and said "You are with us now so do you wanna come to the next picture with us?"


"That would be so fab you guys!I was starting to get lonely." Rhiann said. So we all held hands and ran just as we had done twice before. This time we ended up in Maryams picture.

Chapter 3


"So this is Buckingham Palace," Anna whispered to Darcie.


"I know. I can't believe i am in the queen's house!" replied Darcie excitedly.


"Who on Earth are you girls and what are you doing in my house?" belowed the queen.


"Looks like we have some explaining to do," I said and I began telling the queen what happened. She sat back in amazement and offered us a chocolate biscuit which Maryam immediately accepted. Then to our surprise Sophie walked in, dressed like an artist, with a big easel and art utensils.


"Sophie?" Nina asked in surprise.


"Guys what are you doing here?" said Sophie.


After we had explained yet again, Sophie said that she was dreaming of what it would be like to draw pictures of famous people and so she ended up drawing the queen. We spent a little more time with the queen and then ran to the final picture which was the one i drew. It was 99 degrees celcius  in new york and we were all sweating but that didn't stop me from jumping up excitedly when i saw my favourite F.R.I.E.N.D.S stars sitting right before my eyes. Then i spotted Jaydean and Chloe standing next to them and jumping up just like me. "Ahhhhh!" i screamed, "Its Rachel, Joey, Monica, Ross, Phoebe and Chandler!" Rhiann was just as excited and so she started to scream too. After me and Rhiann had calmed down we shook all of their hands and then started to talk to them. "So," Rhiann began, " Is there going to be any more F.R.I.E.N.D.S episodes?"

"Well. We don't know, we have to wait until the director contacts us, " Matt (Joey) said as he shrugged his shoulders. Then we all started to talk to Chloe and Jaydean. Guess what their thoughts were? Surprise, surprise they were thinking about F.R.I.E.N.D.S and how great it would be to meet the stars. Then I saw Jaydean drooling all over the table, all the while staring at Matt. " You don't know this but one day i am gonna marry you!" Jaydean said to him. All of us were killing ourselves with laughter and so was Lisa(Phoebe), Courtney(Monica), Jennifer(Rachel), David(Ross) and Mathew(Chandler) even Matt was laughing. Jaydean realised she had been drooling and she also realised what she had just said so her face started to go pink with embarressment. "Way to act in front of your true love!" Maryam said through her laughter!

"Sophie!" Anna whispered, "lets sing!" So they began to sing ' Jadster and Matt up a tree K I S S I N G!' and so on. Jaydean's face went from pink to scarlet as her embarressment increased.

       The sky of New York was getting darker but we were starting to become really friendly with the F.R.I.E.N.D.S characters and so we didn't want to leave, also we didn't know what to do as we were in the last picture. Then all of a sudden there was a big bang and a whoosh and a small fairy landed on my hand. The fairy had delicate neon pink wings that had green neon stars on them and she was wearing a dress to match. Her face and hair was just like Monica's except the hair was a bit longer. "Hello!" the fairy said to us. It had Monica's voice too!

"Hi, " we replied in shock.

" As you can see i am your good friend Monica, dressed as a fairy, and i wondered what it would be like to fly so i ended up like this!" the new Monica told us. Rhiann, Anna and Sophie laughed as Monica twirled and took a bow. The F.R.I.E.N.D.S characters were mezmorized at Monica as alot of people think that fairies are not real. So we had to explain the whole story again about how we arrived here and the whole thought thing. They were all gobsmacked as everyone else we had to explain the story to was.

Chapter 4

         I checked my watch to find it was almost midnight yet none of us felt tired at all!

"Guys," I said, " Its almost midnight!"

"Wow!" they all replied including our new-found, famous friends. Just then one of the city clocks struck midnight and the castle from DisneyWorld appeared with Cinderella ,(and Johnny Depp with the balloon), at the front of it looking for her glass slipper. At the other side of us Nina's elephant and African sunset appeared. Everywhere around us was covered with the pictures we drew. There was a bang and then suddenly our whole class appeared including Mrs Vass and Miss Law.

"Well, we eventually found you all!" Mrs Vass said with a smile on her face, "I hear you girls have had some adventure."

"Who told you that?" I asked Mrs Vass.

"Well before Monica flew to you, she flew to me and Mrs Vass and told us." Miss Law answered.

"But Monica wasn't with us to begin with so how did she know about what we were doing?" Nina wondered out loud.

And before anyone else could answer Monica jumped in and said, "Don't you know that fairies have special powers? So if i am a fairy then i have special powers."

"Oh ok then," Sophie said quietly. Everyone in the class got to visit all the pictures as they were all around us but none of them had experienced what we had. Then me, sophie, anna, nina, monica, maryam, rhiann, jaydean,chloe and darcie all rose magically into the air. We held hands in fear as we went higher and higher up into the night sky.

"Bye!" all of us shouted to the F.R.I.E.N.D.S characters. Then a big firework came from the disney castle and in a jiffy we were all back in the art room with the art utensils messily laid out around us.

Nina wailed for the second time, "Oh no! This time we really are locked in and we don't know who will help us!" Just then Miss Law came running to the door with a key to let us all out.

"I am back and with the key!" she shouted as she turned the key in the lock.

We all smiled as the door opened and we walked out of the art room. "That was some adventure!" Anna commented.

"What was?" Miss Law asked, "You can't have had a big adventure when you have only been in there for 10 minutes!" We were all absolutley speachless once we found out time had hardly changed but i managed to say with a wink, "You'd be surprised Miss Law. You'd be surprised!"







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