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My Writing and Stories

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 My Report on Master Bailey's visit



Master Bailey came to our class so we could interview him about taekwondo. Here is my report on his visit.


Before the interview Master Bailey did a demonstration of taekwondo in the big hall during assembly. We all watched amazed at all the kicks and punches he was doing. After the assembly we decided to write a letter to him to see if it would be ok to interview him for our blog. We gave the letter to his daughter (who comes to our school) and then at night when monica (she is in our class and does taekwondo) went to taekwondo & Master Bailey told her that he was coming. The next day was the day he was coming but in the afternoon so in the morning we  disscused the questions we were going to ask him and we agreed on 5 good questions.In the afternoon before he came we picked a cameraman and the people who were going to ask him the questions. Then master Bailey arrived and we had a quick rehearsal of what we were going to do. After that it was time to do the real thing.


The first question we asked him was

  In your demonstration you used some peculiar words what were these and what did they mean? 

2. What are the tennits of taekwondo and why do you follow them?

3. If someone was to start taekwondo what would they need and what would they be doing?

4.What are the order of the taekwondo belts?

5.Do you think that one day some people in your class would have what it takes to go to the olympics?

He gave us all the answers and at the end we all clapped. Then some of the tallented taekwondo people in our class did a demonstration of what they know.



The demonstration was really good and Master Bailey helped us know alot more about taekwondo. We hope it intruiged some people to start.


HERE is a link to our blog where you can watch the interview and demo.














                                                        My Story


Ava Dun went to North Village High school in Orlando, Florida. Ava was a normal 16 year old girl but something very unusual happened to her and her best friends.

           One extremely stormy day 16 year old Ava Dun was in her room very bored as all her friends had something on, like her best friend Carla who was at dancing lessons and her other best friend Grace who was babysitting her 6 year old little sister. So while Ava's friends were busy, she lay on her bed looking at the ceiling daydreaming. Then Ava had an idea! She decided she would look through all her clothes, shoes and accessories and see if she could give any away to charity. Just as ava started to look through all her clothes her phone rang so she walked to her bedside table,picked up her phone and answered it. "Hello," Ava said into the phone.

"Hey!" Replied Carla.

"How was dancing?" asked Ava.

"Good!" Carla said enthusiasticly, "I learned a whole new dance and i was wondering if i could come over and show you it?"

"I think that would be ok. My room is a bit messy though as i started to clear out my clothes to give to charity," Ava murmered.

"Its fine, my room is the same except i don't have an excuse for mine to be messy!" Carla giggled, " Will i just get my mum to drop me off just now or would you rather i come over later?"

"Whenever you're ready," said Ava breezily, "See you soon!"

"Bye!" replied Carla.

              Ava hung up and then walked over to the sea of clothes on her bed and started to look through them. Wow Ava thought i never realised how much clothes i had. Ava had eventually gone through the whole pile and she was absolutley shattered. 

             Carla arrived and her and Ava decided they would do something very stupid which no one crazier than ever would do. They decided that they would go out in their swimsuits in the rain. They got on their swimsuits and went outside. It was hot rain as it was Florida so they had some fun but very interesting fun! But suddenly there was a crash of thunder and a flash of lightning. It was a thunderstorm. "Oh!No!" both girls shouted. They looked around them and saw they had ran too far and were lost. They had no mobile phones or anything so they became very worried. The rain started to get heavier and the lightning was flashing in all directions. Ava lifted her head to the sky and saw it was developing a gloomy dark muddy colour. That was just how it looked before a tormado appeared. "This can't be good," said Carla. 

"I completely agree," replied Ava. They tried their hardest to find shelter but it was no use they couldn't find anywhere to go so they were in real danger! Ava and Carla stood in the field and started to cry they were completely stranded.

   Carla sat down and Ava followed but Ava sat on something so she stood back up and looked at this thing. She saw it was a very colourful box. It had silver and pink stripes on the bottom of the box, on the middle of the box it had lime green and torquoise spots and on the top it was black with multi-coloured stars on it. Carla stood up and joined Ava gazing at this wonderful box. They tied to open the lid but it wouldn't budge. Ava hoped it was a mobile as the wind was starting to develop joining the rain, thunder and lightning. Carla hoped it was clothes to keep her warmer as the tempeture was dropping and that was a bad sign. Ava picked up a stone and tried to pick the shiny, glittering lock. It opened a crack and bit by bit the lid slowly opened. It was surprising what came out of the box as it was totally random. It was a silver sparkling wand that shone gold as well. Ava put her hand in the box and took out the wand the moment she touched it a cave appeared. Carla ran inside the cave for shelter with Ava trailing behind. When they got inside the cave they found their best friend Grace and her little sister sitting so they were gobsmacked. "Hi Guys!"Grace said with a smile on her face.

"Hey Grace," Carla and Ava replied."I am so confused," Carla said, "How did you get here Grace?"

"Well i was just babysitting my sister, you know Alyssa and we were in her outdoor playhouse as we had got caught in the rain and were sheltering there when it started to blow over. We were both really scared and this wand appeared so i picked it up and then we zoomed here." Grace explained.

"Well i was bored and then Carla came over and we ran outside in the rain in our swimsuits and then we got lost and i sat on a box with this wand in it and all of a sudden this cave appeared so we ran inside it."Ava replied. Then all of a sudden the cave began to shake and a genie appeared. The genie was pink with a blue ring all around it. It said to the girls that they were safe and that the magic wands were theirs to keep.

                  The tornado passed and the genie took everyone home. Ava, Carla and Graces' parents wondered how they got home but of course their parents would never believe them if they told the truth so they made up stories. Ava said that she traced the damage of the tornado and it lead her to her house, Grace said that her and Alyssa were in Alyssa's playhouse the whole time and Carla said she was at the dancing hall all through the tornado. Ava picked up her wand and made a wish that Carla and Grace would come over just to see if the wand made wishes.

    Her wish came true and Gace and Carla came over. They decided that they could really have some fun with this making wishes thing so their first wish was to make it snow and that was good fun so then they decided to make no poverty in the World and to make everyone rich. Then they went to swim in the sea at the beach and they all wished they could be mermaids when they were in the water. It worked and they had the most fun as they didn't have to come out of the water to breathe. But things started to change it was getting a bit later so they decided they better go home. They got out of the water when the beach was empty and wished that they could turn back to their feet but nothing happened. The feeling they usually got when they made wishes was tingly but Ava, Carla and Grace did not feel anything accept like mermaids. They started to worry and then they realised that they must only be allowed 3 wishes. "Looks like we are going to be mermaids forever," Ava said.

"Yeah i know," replied Carla and Grace. The girls did have great fun being mermaids but they missed their families loads. They had to deal wth it as it was their mistake but one good thing did happen. One day Ava's family was at the beach and so was Carla's and Grace's too. They all went swimming so they saw their families and that became a regular visit. The girls were happy at last and they had a brilliant families and fabulous friendship.









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