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The Treasure Box

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                                                                 The Treasure Box



Mrs Paton's part of the story:  The boy casually walked along the flawless sandy beach. As he strolled, he observed the bright sun and cloudless sky above. The sun beamed onto the water, casting a sparkling shimer, glinting as the rough sea moved in rythmic motions with the tide. Suddenly his eyes were drawn like a magnet to a shiny object in the sand. Eargerly, he approached the object and stared in awe at the box...



My part of the story: The boy slowly knelt down and picked up the box. Wow he was thinking, this box is amazing! He fingered the beautiful box covered in striking patterns. It had vibrant spots on one part but colourful stripes on the other, it was a bit sandy but that didn't take away the beauty of it. Right in the middle of the gorgeous box it had a shiny silver lock (but not one that needed a key) with a diamond in the centre of that and the rivets were the exact same style. The boy held the box up to his nose and smelt it. It smelt a bit sea-salty at first but then it changed to a very exotic, tropical smell. He held the box close and noticed that it felt a bit wet so he took off his jumper and used it as a towel to dry the box. After he dried it he touched it again and it felt warm yet it had metal on it. Then the boy touched the other side and it was cold but it had furr on it. He took the box and carried it on the rest of the way along the beach, to his house, as it shone like the light from the sun.


               When the boy got home he said a quick hello to his mum while hiding the box behind his back and then ran upstairs to his bedroom and shut the door. He laid the box on his bed and sat down. The boy sat there and examined the box up and down carefully and decided to open it. He cautiosly moved his hands nearer and nearer towards the lock and touched it. Just as he done so his bedroom door flew open and his mother stood in the doorway......... 

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